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About Me

Looking back on 25 years of freelancing, I laugh to think that I learned how to crop photos with a scaleograph and grease pencil.  It’s so much easier with Photoshop!

After moving to DC to attend Georgetown University, I fell in love with the city, but not the degree I was pursuing — I really wanted to be an artist, not a diplomat! So, I put my organizational skills to work as office manager for a nonprofit foundation and an architectural firm, and program administrator for W*USA-TV.  In my spare time, I learned everything I could about graphic design and honed my writing skills.

In 1993, I took a leap of faith and quit my job to pursue what really made me happy — design! — and that's where that funny name, Go for Joy, came from.

I may not have a degree in graphic design, but I know tons about print design and management, and love creating digital graphics and websites.

I work on an iMac with Adobe Creative Cloud and Microsoft Office, and offer solid skills, reasonable rates, positive energy, and a team mentality. I'm always happy to talk about what you need and whether I can help you achieve it.

Other things to know about me:

>  I’m easy-going. I’m used to deadlines and the stress that comes with them. I don’t do drama, and I like being clear and direct and kind.

>  I’m dependable. I believe in meeting my deadlines and I'll never commit to something I can’t do. Communication is key, and I’ll always keep you in the loop.

>  I’m honest, and a team player. Whether I’m working for my own client or another designer, I consider myself a member of the team. I respect client relationships and always do my best to make you look good.

>  I’m serious about my work. Whether it’s a quick project or something more involved, I always give my work the same level of care and attention. And, whether large or small, all of my clients are equally important.


For 15 years, I have worked with Go for Joy Design. While at the American Wholesale Marketers Association, I used Ruth exclusively for every design project from brochures, annual reports, and marketing materials to membership campaigns, logo design, and developing program themes. Now with a different company, I work with Ruth whenever possible and highly recommend her to any organization.

—Robert Pignato,
Kellen Company

I have been blessed to partner with Ruth for over 20 years. She is easy to work with and her designs are classy and eye catching. She listens intently and has a knack for knowing exactly how to transform my ideas into a great design. She has a deep knowledge of the print process and I would recommend her for any design project.

—Dennis Bradshaw, 
Walker Printing Company

I work with clients of all kinds and need a graphic designer who can adjust to each one’s unique personality and project needs. In my many years of working with Ruth, she has been a pleasure to do business with and easily cultivates good working relationships. I appreciate her creativity, intelligence, and willingness to go above and beyond for my clients.

—Mark Ainsworth,
Regional District Sales Manager, Curtis 1000

Good Listener


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